Hi friends! Welcome to my creative outlet. My name is Emmy Severs, and I am the owner and founder of Lemon Milk Paper Co. It’s funny how life comes full circle. I spent my childhood illustrating greeting cards for family and friends’ birthdays, like most children do, except I added a signature logo on the back of each card: The Emmy Company with a balloon. The pandemic gave people the opportunity to revaluate their passions and find something they connected with. For me, that was connecting back to my old love of illustrating greeting cards, this time with my iPad instead of crayons and colored pencils. Before I knew it, Lemon Milk Paper Co was born in April of 2020. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve and always let the people in my life know how much they mean to me, so what better way to do that than through greeting cards? I have always kept greeting cards throughout my life in a box in my closet to look at when I need a pick me up or be reminded of a memory. All Lemon Milk Paper Co greeting cards are blank inside because we believe in keeping you and your loved ones connected through heartfelt, handwritten notes. When you gift Lemon Milk Paper Co, you are gifting a memory.

I currently run Lemon Milk Paper Co and attend college at West Virginia University full time while pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to get in touch please fill out the contact form that can be found at the top or bottom of the home page. Thanks for reading my story!